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Repair Leaking Showers / Balconies (without removing tiles)


Our Promise to you:

  • You will receive a Professional service
  • We will be On Time
  • We will be Clean and Tidy
  • All work is guaranteed to a high standard

We have more than 25 years’ experience in repairing leaking showers/balconies and we source the best products available. After many years of research, we have developed a unique blend of the very best products which we use to fix leaking showers. The Leaky Showers Specialized Epoxy sealer is so good, we provide a 7 year product guarantee with it.


We can expertly seal your wet areas using a variety of specialised products and tools depending on your unique circumstances. Most Leaking showers that are found early on, can be sealed and/or waterproofed without removing tiles. Once we have sealed your leaking shower it will be ready for use within 24 hours.


Your shower will also look great as we will remove all the old mouldy and deteriorated silicones from your shower and apply new bacteria/mould resistant sealants and waterproof grout making your shower look great again.


BOND SEAL 007 use specially designed industrial strength sealers such as Epoxy, Polyurethane and Synthetic Silicon’s. These are injected and applied to the walls, floor and all corners/uprights of the shower and shower screens. By doing this we ensure that all water that previously leaked through the walls and floor is stopped.


The Benefits Of Our Method:


  • None of your tiles removed or replaced
  • Your quote is free and arranged within 72 hours
  • Free pressure and moisture test with your quote
  • Your shower seal will only take 3-5 hours
  • You can use your shower within 24 hours of being sealed
  • Your shower sealed starts from $700 depending on the state and size of the shower and if not it has a job area.

  • Our work on your shower is guaranteed
  • Our technicians are fully trained and professional
  • We are the preferred shower repairer for many real estate and strata title agents

Highly Experienced

We have been waterproofing and repairing leaking showers and tiled balconies all over Sydney for over 25 years.


Cost Effective Solution

We can capably and professionally repair a leaking shower without removing any tiles – the most affordable option.


Free Pressure Test

At no cost to you, we will do a pressure and moisture test on your leaking shower and the surrounding areas and walls backing the leaking shower.





A leaking shower can come from any number of areas or in many cases just one area. 95% of shower leaks are due to building movement and from weakening and cracking of the grout causing hairline cracks and the loosening of tiles, thus breaking your seal which leads to a leaking shower. This allows the water to get in behind the tiles and can cause further damage to your home from your leaking shower. A leaking shower left for a long period of time can cause damage to structural timbers and concrete.

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